About Us

We believe in the perfection of nature!

Garden and flowers are a special sentiment. It is often difficult to dress up the feelings that gardeners experience when looking at their flowers, walking the garden or relaxing on the terrace on the evening.

We are proud of each plant and bulb, which we entrust to you.

For more than 35 years we have been producing cut flowers, mainly Gladiolus. We have recently added a new species of plant - Peonies. We also sell flower bulbs. We supply flowers to local, national and foreign markets. Our products are of high quality which guarantees our customers satisfaction with the offered services. We sell wholesale and retail. Please contact us!

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We only grow gladiolus bulbs. We make every effort to make beautiful varieties of these flowers can enjoy their gardeners without much work.


Peony is one of the most popular and beautiful flowers found in Polish gardens. It grows in clumps about 80-90cm high. Flowers are large with a diameter of about 20cm. They have many colors - pink, red, white and others. Their leaves are green, large and feathery. They are considered as one of the most important crop plants in Poland. Thousands of gardeners adore their charms.


Gladiolus belong to the family Kosaćcowate. We know about 90 species of gladiolus. As a result of the breeding work, many attractive hybrids of Gladiolus and garden varieties have been created. In addition to the most widespread varieties of flowers you can find miniature varieties, small, small flowers.


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